Differently Alike💫

Favourite colour Pink🔷 As It was classic for him                        And she liked-Blue,black and purple Because she preferred dark and dim! Upon all his emotions,he has a good hold😍                                  […]

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In the silence that prevail,.                      The evening time when the sky turn little pale🌇 You and me walking on a less travelled road,                                              […]

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A True Warrior💪👊

Nothing matter, As nothing she cares Just asked for peace, For that even begged upon her knees.. Quietly she quit!😢 Yeah! She quit No one care Nothing more she could bear.. A throbbing heart inside beating so loud, To see her weakest side..No one was allowed! She was hurt, Yet…She hide Found herself strong enough, […]

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My Love was Fake?..

I fall for you, Because my Love was Fake.! I cried badly last night, Because my love was fake.! For you, I was there, Speaking up for you, i dare Yeah…coz my love was fake. For me, you were my inseparable part I cared for you with my head and heart, Because my love was […]

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What I wanna say, Now that you know Little confused , Whether should I stay or just go? What I feel,you don’t feel the same But what I will do alone in this two player’s game Ahm.! Not broken but not perfectly alright, Hate it when we simply begin to fight You like a girl..but […]

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ConFuseD HearT💞

What I feel, you don’t know, Might be the reason I feel low To express my Feelings, Silently I roar Each time I tell you, You just ignore I expect from you to be there, But to remind you I don’t dare You never made me feel small, But also you didn’t come when I […]

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❤PeRFecT sTraNgeRs❤

Before you came, I was only a toy of someone’s game How to forget my past was a quest, Only worst was coming out of my best Everyday’s  chat with true feelings, I don’t know how gradually my every wound was healing We started as strangers and now I don’t wanna end😊 You are like […]

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